Help / FAQ

For questions not listed, you have the possibility to report errors and update suggestions quickly and easily via a web form: To the feedback form.

Why is my search term not found?

The search function of the map supports the following entries:
Building name e.g.: Welfenschloss
Building numbers e.g.: 1101
Room name e.g.: Audimax
Room number e.g.: 1101.004.E415
Institution name e.g.: ServiceCenter

If a search term is not found, you can find it under Report an error quickly and easily. We are very grateful for your feedback.

Have you found outdated information?

Please report this under Report an error. This way we can update the information as soon as possible.

How can the location finder be integrated into an institute page?

This option is not yet available. Instead, use the option to specify a link to a building or room.